In shopping centers of BMD STIL’s lasts sales campaign of JUBIZOL thermal facade insulation systems, which you should not miss, because we offer systems with styrofoam thickness of 10 centimeters that you can find already from 69.54 kunas! The price relative to one square meter facade and the primary choice of components – Styrofoam, glue, mesh, impregnation and finishing layer of white tones.

JUBIZOL thermal facade insulation systems meet all the requirements for sufficient and efficient thermal insulation, provide excellent living conditions and are high ecological orientation. They are designed for all types of wall substrates, for facade surfaces which are protected from rainfall by at least the minimum abandon, for the average or less demanding exploitative conditions, primarily for thermal insulation of new and thermal rehabilitation of existing low and up to 22 meters high residential buildings as well as low commercial, industrial and similar facilities. JUBIZOL facade systems offer a guarantee of ten years, their installation saves on energy by 40% and they are long-term resistant to algae and mold.

Visit our shopping centers in Bedenica, Soblinec, Zabok, Novi Marof and Velika Gorica till 15/04/2017. and get additional benefits in your purchase. [BMD STIL]