Recently JUB has presented  a new, improved version of JUPOL Gold Advanced color for croatian market intended for interior walls and ceilings.  New recipes retained the best charateristics – painted surface retains the premium look, the ability to shade the more than ten thousand color shades, high coverage, resistance to wet cleaning, water vapor permeability and TÜV certificate.

With retained good characteristics, the product is improved in terms of extended processing time, which means that during applied allows a longer repair mistakes. Roller during application on the wall leaves no traces, color is more easily applied, ink drying on the cap is removed, and diluting base is equally to 5%. For coloring normally absorbent, light and to dirty surfaces in less demanding facilities, ussually sufficient is already one coat.

JUPOL Gold is  highcover, washable and and environmentally unharmful color. It is used for decorative protection of more exposed interior walls and ceilings, which requires aesthetic appearance of painted surfaces. It is usable for decorative protection of walls and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, homes for the aged and other facilities. Suitable substrates are fine plasters of all types, surfaces leveled with leveling compounds, relief wallpaper, relief wallpaper of glass fibers including plasterboard and fiber-cement boards, particle boards and plastered concrete. Application is possible on the old tightly adhered emulsion paints and well accepted decorative plasters of all kinds.   The color is characterized by low content of easy volatile organic substances, does not contain softeners and heavy metals.

It is important to note that the production of color carried out under the constant supervision of TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH, Munich, and meets the requirements for designation “verified the content of pollutants and CONTROLLED PRODUCTION” – LOW EMISSION, pollutant TESTED PRODUCTION and monitored (TÜV SÜD Test Standard TM 07 Dispersion Paints “Issue 06/09”).

JUB JUPOL Gold Advanced color is available in all BMD STIL stores, and all the tips and answers to questions you can found at our sales advisors. [BMD STIL, Photo: Marketing JUB d.o.o.]