A great opportunity for all who are planning to decorating the attic! This April at BMD STIL sales centers by purchasing of any three VELUX roof windows we have a gift for you; a free siesta blinds in the desired dimension and color standard! The VELUX Siesta Eyeshadow DKL ensures complete darkening of the space and is ideal for children’s and bedrooms.

Free blinds is very easy to reach, in just two steps. The first step is to fill in coupons and sign up for the following link https://www.velux.hr/campaign/akcija_2018/formular-za-prijavu_2018. Next step is purchase of any three VELUX roof windows in BMD STIL sale centers and sending copy of the bill on adress VELUX Hrvatska d.o.o., Avenija Većeslava Holjevca 40, 10010 Zagreb. After that, VELUX will deliver to you GRATIS siesta DKL shade in the desired color (standard collection) and dimensions.

The action is valid for all models of VELUX roof windows except for roofs GVT and GVK up to 30.04.2018. [BMD STIL, Photo: VELUX PR]