JUPOL Gold Advanced Color for Interior Walls and Ceilings is one of the latest JUB products, recently introduced on the Croatian market, also in the sales range of BMD STIL. Quality and improved formulas are quickly recognized and the product is more than well received by customers across the country so JUB has decided to reward them with valuable gifts.

Action COOLER BAG + 4 x Karlovačko beer 0,5 l is intended for all final buyers of JUPOL Gold who in the BMD STIL sales centers in Soblinec, Novi Marof or Zabok buy JUPOL Gold 15 liter packaging (it is possible to combine 3 x 5 liters , 10 + 5 liters or 15 liters of white or light Gold). By purchasing this, each customer receives a gift from JUPOL’s – colorful handbag cooler and four cans of Karlovac beer for refreshment.

JUPOL Gold is a high-tech, pervasive and environmentally-friendly color. It is used for decorative protection of heavily loaded interior walls and ceilings where aesthetic appearance of the painted surface is required. It is usable in residential and business buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, homes for the elderly and other facilities. The advantages of JUPOL Gold for the consumer or contractor are easier to apply, which means that it is nice to apply and do not spray, extended time for possible repairs, a uniform appearance of painted surfaces without visible traces of roller, higher yields, up to 5% (equally for all Base: 1001 – white, 1000, 2000) and tinting in all shades by JUB tone map.

Action JUPOL Gold lasts until May 31, 2017, or while supplies last. [BMD STIL]