JUB d.o.o. again this year organized a traditional educational presentation on “Innovations of JUB assortment 2017.” intended for bussines partners, which was held at the company headquarters, located in Samobor.
Quite a number of BMD STIL employees from sale centeres Bedenica, Soblinec, Zabok and Novi Marof has attended this education, to track the latest trends from JUB.

We had the opportunity to learn all about the new JUPOL Gold Advanced color, on which you could already read on our website, then the mass for grouting with the possibility of shading, AKRINOL Fugamix ,the JUBIN Metal quick primer dry, JUBIN Antirost, JUBIN Impregnation, JUBIN Cleaner, JUBIN Nitro diluent, JUBIN Metal primer, Hydrosol Express 1K, Jubizol silicone color and Jubizol acrylfas. Beside that they talked about and Jubizol systems MW and EPS, and the system solutions in thermal insulation of the facade, ETICS systems, technology installation, the requirements for use on facades and types of insulation.
All these innovations have been prepared in JUB in order to facilitate and improve the business of partners and the performance of finishing works in construction.

After instructive and interesting theoretical and practical presentations, we had a tour of the warehouse, which is located within the headquarters and than get-together meeting was officially over.
Information about the latest JUB products and their offer in assortment BMD STIL’s you will find among other things, to find here on the website and on social networks.

JUB Group is an international company, which today consists of twelve subsidiaries and operates in more than twenty foreign markets. The group employs 569 people, of which 343 in Slovenia and 226 in all member countries. It has two production plants in Slovenia and Serbia. On other markets, exports and sells 75% of products under its own brand. [BMD STIL]