This year again, BMD STIL accepted a call for traditional Lafarge gathering of partners, which was held in Hungary. Domaćin se potrudio i pripremio sadržajno bogat program druženja, kako kažu, ponosni na partnerski i kooperativan snažan odnos s klijentima što omogućava kontinuirani razvoj i rad. Host prepared a content-rich social gathering program, proud of a partnership and cooperative strong relationship with clients, which enabling continuous development and work.

The first part of the gathering was held in Adana, in the Sio-Rally car park where we experienced adrenaline off-road competitions and participated in rally rides and unusual but very interesting racing with road rollers, dredgers and trucks. The second part of this event was held at Hotel Panorama on Lake Balaton, where were organized a dinner and a surprise program for all participants, and the most successful participants of the adrenaline competition were given prizes and awards. [BMD STIL, Photo: Lafarge, BMD STIL]