BMD STIL has decided to enrich the offer of roof tiles with another one high-quality model, with Kikinda roof tile!
The Kikinda Clay Tile M-333 is a tile with a slit which, depending on the climatic conditions, is placed on a roof with a slope of not less than 22 °. It is placed right to the left, starting from the edge to the top of the roof. During installing, it is necessary to move each row next to half the width of one tile, and if the roof is mild, ie less than 22 °, it is imperative to use the roofing foil and, if necessary, it can be further tightened for slats by riveting or bonding.

Kikinda tile is known for its long tradition and quality. Company “TOZA MARKOVIĆ” d.o.o. Kikinda is the largest and oldest manufacturer of construction materials of baked clay in Serbia and the largest brick company in Southeast Europe. It was founded in 1866 and since then has constant investment in manufacturing technology and developed up to today. [BMD STIL]